New product release

BE-GE 8100.0

The well known, with proven high-performance, driver seat BE-GE 8018 that has been used in Toyota and Unicarrier ware house trucks for more than 10 years is now followed up by an air suspended variant.

BE-GE 8100.0 is an air suspended seat especially designed for reach trucks or similar vehicles with limited cab space, which is built to be driven on smooth floors. By placing the suspension unit behind the seat’s backrest, the built-in height becomes very low but without decreasing the seats comfort. The seat has simple and ergonomically placed controls for weight adjustment, back adjustment and length adjustment.

BE-GE 8100.0 is available with both low and high backrest, the high version is ideal for use in combination with a headrest for even more increased comfort during long work shifts and is equipped with adjustable lumbar support as standard.