About Be-Ge Seating BV

Be-Ge Seating B.V. (before Be-Ge Savas Seating B.V.) is located in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, with the subsidiaries Be-Ge Seating GmbH in Germany, Be-Ge Seating N.V. in Belgium and representation in France. Be-Ge Seating is a part of the Be-Ge Seating Division.

Be-Ge Seating; the seating specialist since 1962

Driver and co-driver seats

We produce and supply driver and co-driver seats and components for all kind of vehicles such as cars, trucks, forklift trucks, cranes, earthmoving vehicles etc. as well for the ‘Public Transport’ branches like train, tram, bus and metro.

We supply worldwide seating solutions

Both divisions are supplying worldwide seating solutions. With our own R&D, production facility and warehouse we are able to meet, in a professional way, customer expectations and we fulfill the role of sparring partner for our customers.

We have companies in several countries in Europe to be able to be as close as possible to our customers. The locations were we are situated are; The Netherlands (Zaltbommel and Zwolle), Germany (Jülich), Belgium (Tienen) and France (Paris).

Our skilled and dedicated employees are ready to assist you because ‘we are the seating specialist’.Be-Ge Seating B.V.